Do Traeger grills need to be seasoned?

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Before cooking the first batch of food in your new Traeger, you will need to season your grill. This simple, one-time initial firing process will burn off any residual, non-toxic oils from the manufacturing process and help create non-stick surfaces so that you get the most out of your Traeger Wood Pellet Grill.

How do I season my new Traeger?

Plug in the grill to an electrical outlet and turn it on using the switch on the back of the grill. Add hardwood pellets to the hopper. On your controller, navigate to SELECT AUGER > PRIME AUGER. Once pellets begin to fall into the firepot, select Done to turn off the auger.

Should pellet grills be seasoned?

Like any pellet smoker, your grill needs to be seasoned before you can use it. The whole process roughly takes about an hour to complete and you’ll need enough wood pellets to run the grill on HIGH for at least 45 minutes.

Can you leave pellets in hopper?

Leaving unused pellets in your hopper can cause them to rot since they will be exposed to the elements of your outdoor environment. Most Pit Boss Grills have a hopper clean-out feature which allows for easy cleaning and swapping pellet flavors.

How do I get the best flavor out of my Traeger?

The Traeger Timberline and Ironwood series have a Super Smoke mode that ramps up smoke when cooking between 165°F – 225°F. This is a great way to get more smoke flavor when cooking at lower temps. The smoker will automatically start producing more smoke at these temps and hold it until you reach the desired temp.

Do I need to season my smoker?

Curing — or seasoning — A new smoker, is a must-do process before cooking your first food that burns off all the oils and contaminants picked up or leftover after manufacturing. The seasoning also helps protect your smoker from corrosion, so it lasts longer.

How do you break in a Traeger grill?

How to start your Traeger for the first time

  1. Pour some pellets in to the hopper.
  2. Plug in your grill.
  3. Turn on your grill by pressing the temperature control dial.
  4. Seleect “Auger” from othe menu and then choose “Prime Auger”
  5. Once you see pellets start to fall in to the fire pot, select “Done” to turn off the Auger.

How do you season a pellet grill?

How to Season a Pellet Grill

  1. Step 1: Clean all Parts of the Grill.
  2. Step 2: Assemble Your Pellet Grill.
  3. Step 3: Coat with Oil.
  4. Step 4: Fill the Hopper.
  5. Step 5: Plug in the Grill.
  6. Step 6: Turn on and Prime.
  7. Step 7: Wait.
  8. Step 8: Set a Timer.
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How often should I vacuum my Traeger?

Remove extra ash from the Firepot.

This step can be fast and easy by using a standard shop vac. Make sure all grill components are cold before vacuuming up the extra ash. We recommend cleaning your Traeger once for every 5 times you use it.

Should you remove pellets from Traeger?

When your pellets aren’t fueling your fire and flavoring your food, give them a break. You want to remove pellets when you’re not grilling because moisture can reach them when left in the hopper for an extended period. If there’s anything you need to know about your hardwood, it’s that moisture is no bueno.

Should you wax your Traeger?

Yes you can wax them. That is one of the best ways to maintain powder coat finishes. I do custom powder coating and that is a very great way to maintain the finish on your Traeger. after cleaning up the inside spray down the surfaces with Pam or some other cooking spray.

Do Traeger grills make everything taste smoky?

However, if you set the Traeger grill at a very high temperature i.e. more than 300 Fahrenheit, the wood pellets will fire, but the smoke effect in the Traeger grill would be diminished. Resultantly, there won’t be any flavor of smoke in your food.

Does Traeger still smoke at 225?

Traeger’s Super Smoke mode lets you blast your food with 100% hardwood smoke. This breakthrough in grilling technology revolves around precision fan control, enabling your Traeger grill to get the maximum delivery of smoke at temperatures from 165°F up to 225°F degrees.

How do I make my Traeger more Smokey?

Start by trying to lower your cooking temperature by about 50 degrees Fahrenheit and see how you go. This will help prolong your cooking by about 30-45 minutes and will help build up a greater amount of smoke.

Do you start Traeger with lid open?


When ready to cook, ensure all the internal grill components (heat baffle, drip tray, grill grates) are inside the grill. Plug in and turn on your grill. With the lid open, set your Traeger grill to the SMOKE setting.

How long do Traeger pellets last?

As a wood-fired smokers, Traeger grills use wood pellets for fuel. In both cases that works out to slightly more than $1 per pound. The smoker burns 1 to 3 pounds of pellets per hour. Traeger says that means each 20 pound bag provides between 6 to 20 hours of cook time (at high or low heat).

Can you grill on a Traeger?

Yes, Traeger grills use a real wood-fueled fire to give you delicious results. And thanks to Traeger’s simple, reliable controls, you can also use Traeger grills to smoke, bake, roast, braise, & BBQ, too. Learn more about how Traeger grills work here.

How often should you season your smoker?

It also helps to protect your smoker and extend its life. You only need to season your smoker once, when it’s brand new. The overall process takes about two hours, but after that, you won’t have to do it again.

What to do when you first get a smoker?

Make sure the exhaust and intake are completely open to allow for the greatest amount of airflow. You will take the smoker to a (slightly) higher temperature than normally used when smoking. 5. Allow the smoker to reach at least 275-300 degrees Fahrenheit for 2-3 hours.

What is the best way to season a smoker?

The basics of seasoning

Give the smoker a thorough cleaning with dish soap and water. Coat the entire inside of the smoker with cooking spray. Slowly heat the smoker to a high temperature and cook for 2 – 4 hours.

What to do if Traeger runs out of pellets while cooking?

After the firepot is empty, put the grill on high and wait for the auger to become filled with pellets. Once you start to see pellets fall into the firepot again, turn the grill off and place the internal pieces back into the grill. At this point you will be able to restart your cook.

Can you leave your Traeger on smoke setting?

They use wood pellets for fuel which gives your meat a wonderful smoky flavor. Traeger grills have a setting called smoke that is used for low-temperature smoking.

Adjusting the P-Setting on the Traeger.

P-Setting Auger On Auger Off (Pause)
P-3 15 seconds 75 seconds
P-4 15 seconds 85 seconds
P-5 15 seconds 95 seconds

How do you cook hamburgers on a Traeger grill?

Grill your burgers between 400 and 500 °F. For smoked burgers, smoke at 225 °F for 25-30 minutes, then increase the heat to high and sear your burgers to finish. Make sure to add cheese, toppings, and toast your buns.

Can I use my pellet grill in the rain?

Keep your wood pellets dry and do not use your grill or smoker in the rain. Although wood pellet grills and smokers are prized for their ability to achieve a steady and precise temperature, be sure to check on your grill or smoker every once in awhile during use.

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How do you burn off a new pellet smoker?

When your grill reaches its highest heat setting, simply close the lid and let it burn off any remaining oils for 30 minutes. From there, you can either put your pellet grill into its shutdown cycle or start cooking.

Can you season a smoker with olive oil?

As you’ll be cooking at moderately high temperatures, you’ll want an oil with a high burning point. A few examples of the most used oils for seasoning include: Refined olive. Canola oil.

Can I use my Traeger in the garage?

Tip: Never put your smoker grill in the garage or an enclosed patio to keep it warm.

How do you clean Traeger grill grates?

Scrub the grates with a nylon-bristle brush, a disposable cloth, or heavy-duty paper towels. If you don’t have a natural cleaning solution, you can use an onion or lemon to clean your grates. While the grill grates are still hot, rub half an onion or lemon along them.

How full should Traeger hopper?

Lesson 1- Don’t let the hopper go below 50% full or else the pellets won’t feed right.

Why is my Traeger smoking from the pellet box?

Excessive smoke from the hopper is due to active backburn (pellets burning in the auger causing excessive smoke). Unplug the grill. Keep both the grill and hopper lid closed to starve the fire of oxygen. If there is NOT an active fire, perform a shutdown procedure and keep all components closed.

Can I use a wire brush on my Traeger grill?

Traeger’s own grill cleaning brush makes it onto our list as a great option. Cleaning any Traeger grill with a stainless steel wire brush carries the risk of scratching the grates and damaging the grill.

Can Traeger get wet?

Traeger Grills are protected from water spray less than 60 degrees from vertical. In other words, a grill can function in the rain, but don’t place your grill over a sprinkler or leave the lid open when it’s raining or wet outside. The humidity may cause slower ignition times.

Can you grill a steak on a Traeger?

Absolutely you can. A different recipe will cover that. Here we are using the Traeger as a high heat grill. I have smoked a large ribeye steak on the Traeger smoker at low heat for about 45 minutes, and then reverse sear it on high heat in the preheated cast iron pan to give it a nice sear.

How long do Traeger grills last?

The answer is, “With proper care, cleaning and maintenance you can expect a Traeger grill to last at least five years. A Traeger will easily last 10-15 years when damaged components are replaced with readily available replacement parts.”

Can you just grill on a pellet grill?

Just like a convection oven, pellet smokers use indirect heat to cook food which means you can use it to not just BBQ and smoke, but you can also cook up anything that you would otherwise cook in an oven.

How long will pellets last in Traeger at 225?

How Long Can Traeger Pellets Sit in the Hopper? The Traeger pellets can sit in the hopper for about 6 months. Many people have reported the longer they leave them, the stronger the flavor of smoke they emit.

How long do pellets last at 225?

That means a 20-pound bag of pellets should last you anywhere from six to 20-hours, give or take. However, the largest factor is the temperature you are cooking at. For example, at 225°F you’ll burn between 0.5 and 1-pound per hour, while at higher temperatures, you can expect to burn as much as 3-pounds per hour.

Can you get a smoke ring with a pellet smoker?

Thus, you can get a great smoke ring from a wood-burning pellet grill but not from a gas grill (unless you throw some wood pellets in there). A smoke ring is formed when myoglobin bonds with either CO or NO. But those molecules can only penetrate so deep into the meat.

Can you use wood chips in a Traeger?

Yes, you can use wood chips in a smoke or pellet tube to add a good flavor to the meat. But, make sure that wood chips are packed tightly for efficient burning. Pellet tubes are great to add extra smoky flavor to meat without damaging the parts of a pellet grill.

How do you get the best flavor smoke out of a pellet smoker?

The more you use your pellet smoker, the better you’ll get at it. The first tip to getting the most smoke flavor is to keep the temperature below 250 degrees. This means the grill doesn’t get too hot and it also means the meat stays on the grate longer. But, not to worry, this won’t dry out the meat.

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Do pellet grills give good smoke flavor?

As previously stated, pellet smokers are not known for producing a strong smoke flavor, no matter what pellets you use. Though, some brands can be more pronounced than others. Hardwood pellets provide longer overall burn times per pound than fruit wood pellets.

How long do you leave a Traeger on shutdown cycle?

The shutdown cycle on new Timberline grills will run for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the previous set temperature. Allow the shutdown cycle to complete for the proper operation of your grill.

Is a Traeger a smoker or a grill?

Traeger provides all-natural, flavor-packed wood pellets that provide a consistent temperature and burn clean and in addition to being a smoker, you can also grill, BBQ, bake, braise, and roast.

How long will a 40 lb bag of wood pellets burn?

Q: How long does one bag of pellets last? A: According to the Pellet Fuels Institute, a 40-lb bag of pellet fuel can provide up to 24 hours of solid heat. A winter’s supply of wood pellets is about 100-150 bags—depending on climatic and lifestyle variations.

Can I use pit boss pellets in my Traeger?

No, while Pit Boss and Traeger both offer high-quality hardwood pellets, they are not the same.

Is Traeger good for steaks?

The best way to smoke a ribeye is on a Traeger grill. A Traeger gives you even temperature and flavor from natural wood pellets, and high heat to give your ribeye the perfect char. This reverse-sear method maximizes the smoke flavor and still gives you those delicious grill marks. It works to perfection on a Traeger.

How do you season a Traeger grill?

Steps for Seasoning Your Non-Connected Grill

  1. Step 1: Plug in your grill and turn it on using the switch on the front of the controller.
  2. Step 2: Add hardwood pellets to the hopper.
  3. Step 3: Prime the auger with pellets.
  4. Step 4: Set the grill to Shutdown Cycle and turn off the grill using the power switch.

Can you use a Traeger without pellets?


If the grill is still at your set temperature, refill the hopper. You may experience a dip in temperature in the next few minutes — it is possible that there is a gap without pellets in the auger — but the grill will get back to your set temperature momentarily.

Do you need to season a pellet grill?

Like any pellet smoker, your grill needs to be seasoned before you can use it. The whole process roughly takes about an hour to complete and you’ll need enough wood pellets to run the grill on HIGH for at least 45 minutes.

Does a smoker need to be seasoned?

Curing — or seasoning — A new smoker, is a must-do process before cooking your first food that burns off all the oils and contaminants picked up or leftover after manufacturing. The seasoning also helps protect your smoker from corrosion, so it lasts longer.

Do I need to season the outside of my smoker?

If you just got a brand new outdoor cooker, making sure it is properly seasoned is crucial to ensuring the best results for your outdoor cooking. Seasoning a smoker or grill is one of the essential first steps before any meat touches the grates.

How long do you burn off a new smoker?

Once assembled, it’s time for a burn-in. In many circles, “the burn-in” is referred to as seasoning. The main purpose of a burn-in is to remove any contaminants left over from the manufacturing process. At its core, the burn-in is simply running the smoker at an elevated temperature for two to three hours without food.

Do you have to clean the inside of a smoker?

Because grease can also trap water against the metal, large deposits need to be scraped away gently. Though many users neglect this duty, a smoker should be cleaned free of ashes and grease deposits after every use. The long life of your smoker depends on it, not to mention the taste of your smoked foods.

Do you oil the outside of a smoker?

Before we heat it up, we need to apply oil on the outside of the smoker itself. This step might strike you as a little odd, but just like with our cooking grates this helps to prevent the occurrence of rust. What is this? Simply apply a very thin layer of oil over the outside coat of your chamber, using a smooth cloth.

What wood should I use to season my smoker?

Hickory. The most versatile choice as it can be used to smoke wood in many ways.

What can I use to season my grill?

Two Easy Steps to Seasoning Your Grill

Before turning the grill on, coat the surface of the grate with high-heat cooking oil. Canola oil and peanut oil work well, but you can also use coconut oil or spray-can vegetable oil.