Can you substitute white rum for dark rum in baking?

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Yes, but you may get a slightly different flavor, and certainly a different color in the final dish. Many times, white rum is specified so as not to change the color, so you have to decide if this is an acceptable change for whatever you are making. Show activity on this post.

What can you substitute for dark rum in a recipe?

What are the best rum substitutes? To replace rum in cocktails or cooking, try brandy, bourbon, or cognac. Each has a similar flavor profile and won’t be out of place in most uses. For a non-alcoholic replacement, use rum extract or molasses combined with a little juice and almond extract.

Can you use white rum for baking?

Is White Rum Good For Baking? The flavors of aged rum will lend caramel notes to dishes, while white rums will provide a satisfying alcohol bite, and spiced rum will make any cake taste delicious.

Can I use light rum instead of dark rum in a recipe?

The simple answer is yes – with some caveats. In most recipes, dark rum can be easily substituted for light rum by adjusting the measurements. Since dark rum is usually a bit stronger and more potent than light rum, you’ll likely need to adjust the amounts accordingly.

Are white and dark rum interchangeable?

Typically, darker rums are used for sipping or drinking straight because of the more distinctive flavors, while light rums are used in cocktails. So when you make frozen Piña Coladas, Mojitos or any other rum-based tropical drinks in your frozen concoction maker, you should use white rum.

Does light rum and dark rum taste the same?

Light rums have a sweeter but more subtle flavor and have the same alcohol volume as darker rums. To produce dark, golden, or black rum, producers age the rum before filtering and bottling. The rum’s darker color and bolder flavor come from the wooden or charred oak barrels used in the aging process.

What is rum for baking?

Bacardi Gold

The gold standard for sweet but dry white rum that works well in many applications including beverages and desserts such as baked goods, puddings, ice cream, and cakes. Bacardi Gold offers a very sweet, smooth rum that doesn’t overpower the other flavors in your recipe.

Can you use white rum in a rum cake?

You can also use other dark rum like Meyer’s dark rum. Spiced rum-like captain morgan or coconut rum like Malibu also works well in this recipe. You can also use half malibu and half white rum or only white rum to make this cake.

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What type of rum is best for rum cake?

What is the best rum for rum cake? Captain Morgan is dark rum and will bring a spicier, more complex flavor to your cake. Buy on Drizly! Angostura 5 years has flavors of toffee and caramel with hints of warm spices.

Can I use white rum for fruit cake?

This recipe uses white rum and Red Label wine to soak the dried fruits, but you can use any type of rum or alcohol that you prefer to make your Caribbean rum cake. Some other suggestions include dark rum, sherry or brandy.

How is white rum different from dark rum?

White rum has a light-bodied variant with a sweet, soft taste. Molasses or sugarcane juice has a big contribution to its sweetness. Dark rum has a more distinct taste. It is bolder in flavor as it has tinges of spices with strong molasses and burnt sugar giving it a darker color and deep, smoky-sweet flavor.

Is white rum or dark rum sweeter?

Because dark rums are produced in charred oak barrels, they are usually heavy in flavor, and some describe them as having a much sweeter taste as compared to other, lighter rums. White rums, in contrast, are usually described as generally sweet with a much lighter feel.

Does white rum have less sugar than dark rum?

Distilled rum, like bourbon, is sugar-free in theory. Diet is the best! ! Sugar addition makes sense in dark rums, which are typically produced in countries with a French or English influence, because the darker flavor profile is more reminiscent of molasses, vanilla, tropical fruit, and so on.

Is Captain Morgan a dark rum?

Captain Morgan is a dark rum seen on back-bars around the world. This is made using a blend of Jamaican, Guyanese and Bajan rums. Great in loads of cocktails and mixed drinks – Captain & Cola is a classic for a reason.

Is white rum healthier than dark rum?

Is Dark Rum Healthier Than White Rum? In the same way that red wine is healthier than white wine, dark rum is also better for you: Instead of filtering it right away, it’s aged in oak or wooden barrels, which give it a richer color, more flavour and additional antioxidants,” explains Friedman.

Is Bacardi white or dark rum?

Bacardi is one of the most classic rums available. Everyone knows about it. It is a well-made rum at a great price point. Bacardi is filtered through charcoal and then aged in white oak for a clean, smooth rum that’s 80 proof.

Is Bacardi light or dark rum?

BACARDÍ Superior Rum is a light and aromatically balanced rum. Subtle notes of almonds and lime are complemented by hints of vanilla. The finish is dry, crisp, and clean.

What’s better Bacardi or Captain Morgan?

Is Bacardi Or Captain Morgan Better? Captain Morgan White Rum is much sweeter and softer than Bacardi Superior, but it has a little less structure. Superior’s finish is drier and more acidic than Bacardi’s, but the flavors in Superior are more true to the base molasses, and Superior has a better mouthfeel.

Can you cook with white rum?

“Aged and dark are ideal when cooking dishes with strong flavors such as beef stews or pork, while white rums are often used for cooking seafood or poultry,” says Angel Roque, the executive chef of Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar in Washington, D.C. Cuba Libre.

What is the best rum to cook with?

The Best Rum For Cooking

  • Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum.
  • Captain Morgan White Rum.
  • Gosling’s Black Seal Rum.
  • Bacardi Gold Rum.
  • Plantation 3 Stars White Rum.
  • Rum Chicken Marinade.
  • Steak With Rum and Mushroom Sauce.

Which rum is good for fruit cake?

Which rum is best for fruit cake? Captain Morgan spiced rum is the best way to go. It has subtle vanilla and caramel flavor and it’s beautifully spiced. Calypso Spiced rum is also another great alternative.

Is Captain Morgan rum good for baking?

No list of best rums for rum cake is complete without Captain Morgan. It’s a household name and the first go-to choice for baking, especially due to its reasonable price and great taste. You can add Captain Morgan White Rum to your savory dishes and other spiced versions for baking recipes.

What is the best rum to use in tiramisu?

Although dark rum is the most commonly used alcohol in tiramisu, you can use coffee liquor, amaretto, or marsala wine as a substitute.

Is rum cake supposed to taste like rum?

Rum cake is made with a golden yellow cake mix, vanilla pudding, and a hint of Caribbean rum as the base. The cake itself has no rum flavor at all; it’s just a moist, fluffy golden Bundt cake with a rich vanilla flavor and a toasty, crunchy pecan topping.

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Does a rum cake need to be refrigerated?

Does rum cake need refrigerated? This easy rum cake is ok at room temperature. Just make sure it is in an airtight container. The rum acts as a natural preservative.

Is Bacardi Gold dark rum?

No, Bacardi Gold is not a Dark rum but a Gold or Pale rum. Bacardi Gold is aged for two years in ex-bourbon barrels and is medium-bodied, while Dark rums are full-bodied and richer. Bacardi Gold is aged in wooden casks for two years, giving the rum its signature sweetness, color, and richer flavor.

What alcohol is best for fruit cake?

Cognac is probably the best substitute for brandy in fruitcake. That’s because cognac is basically fancy brandy.

What is dark rum for baking?

If you’re a fan of spiced rum, then try Captain Morgan. This liqueur has a mild, slightly sweet flavor that’s not overwhelmingly spicy, and it’s perfect for the classic ‘rum cake’ recipe. A good bottle of this liqueur will give your baked goods a deep, rich flavor that will complement many ingredients.

How long should raisins soaked in rum?

Soak the raisins in rum for 1 hour in a bowl. For a milder flavor, drain the rum and place the raisins in a container; for stronger raisins, combine the rum and raisins in a container or jar and refrigerate for up to 1 month.

How often should I feed my Christmas cake with alcohol?


  1. It is best to feed your cake, every fortnight from when it has been baked.
  2. Using a skewer, prick several holes into the top of your cake.
  3. Spoon over 1-2 tbsp of the alcohol/fruit juice of your choice ensuring that the whole cake is evenly covered.

Is Bacardi and white rum the same?

What Is The Difference Between White Rum And Bacardi? There is no difference between Superior and Carta Blanca (aka regular Bacardi). The blend consists of at least 12 months old rums.

What does white rum taste like?

An aged white rum will have some of the flavors associated with time spent in wood, like vanilla or tannin, while an unaged white rum will be a bit crisper, with vegetal or citrus notes.

What mixes well with white rum?

What To Mix With Rum

  • Lemons/Limes.
  • Club Soda.
  • Tonic Water.
  • Pineapple Juice.
  • Coconut Water.
  • Coca-Cola.
  • Flavored Seltzer.
  • Ginger Beer.

Is Malibu white rum?

Malibu rum is a sweet, coconut-flavored white rum from the Caribbean. Whether served neat, on the rocks, or in blended drinks, Malibu can be enjoyed in any manner. Tropical Banana is a unique take on traditional Caribbean rum. Malibu combines white rum with exotic fruits to create a delicious cocktail.

Is Bacardi white rum good?

It’s a well done white rum that doesn’t make me run for the hills with any bitterness or unpleasant flavors. It might not be knocking my socks off, but it’s something I wouldn’t be ashamed to put out on the bar at a party. A good solid rum with standard rum flavors, and that’s about it.

Can diabetics drink rum?

Spirits on their ow, such as whiskey, vodka, rum and gin, have no significant carbs in and therefore shouldn’t push blood sugar values up.

Does Bacardi white rum have sugar?

Does White Rum Have A Lot Of Sugar? Several brands of rum, such as Plantation, Bacardi, Zacapa, and Angostura, contain between 17-22 grams of sugar per liter of their product. Those brands that add sugar seem to add an average amount to this list. It ranges from 40 to 9 g/l in other brands.

What is the best alcoholic drinks for diabetics?

The bottom line

The best types of alcohol for people with diabetes are those with a low sugar or carb content. That includes light beers, red and white wines, distilled spirits, and low carb cocktails, as long as you avoid sugary juices or syrups.

What rum is top shelf?

Top Shelf Rum Picks From The Distiller Community

  • 8 SelvaRey Chocolate Rum.
  • 7 Chairman’s Reserve The Forgotten Casks Rum.
  • 6 Kirk and Sweeney 23 Year Rum.
  • 5 Bacardí Oakheart Spiced Rum.
  • 4 Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum.
  • 3 Balcones Rumble.
  • 2 Appleton Estate 21 Year Limited Edition.
  • 1 Ron Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva Rum.

What happened to Captain Morgan?

In 1944 the Seagram Company started manufacturing the Captain Morgan brand of rum, named after the privateer. In 2001 the Captain Morgan brand was sold to Diageo, the multinational drinks company based in London.

What is considered a dark rum?

The term “dark rum” doesn’t have a legal definition, but it generally refers to rum that is dark brown in appearance due to aging or the addition of molasses or caramel coloring.

What alcohol is easiest on your liver?

According to a new study published in Oxford’s Alcohol and Alcoholism journal, scientists discovered that hoppy beer is significantly less harmful to the liver than liquor and even beer without hops.

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What is the healthiest alcohol for weight loss?

Best alcoholic drinks for weight loss

  1. Vodka. Calories: 100 calories in 1.5 ounces of distilled 80-proof vodka.
  2. Whiskey. Calories: 100 calories in 1.5 ounces of 86-proof whiskey.
  3. Gin. Calories: 115 calories in 1.5 ounces of 90-proof gin.
  4. Tequila. Calories: 100 calories in 1.5 ounces of tequila.
  5. Brandy.

What is the least unhealthy alcohol?

Take a look at this list of the least-damaging alcoholic drinks from Legends at White Oak to help you drink consciously.

  • Red Wine.
  • Light Beer.
  • Tequila.
  • Gin & Rum & Vodka & Whiskey.

Does Bacardi still make dark rum?

BACARDÍ dark rums range from deep red, rich brown and even black in color – our darkest being BACARDÍ Black Rum. They’re aged longer than gold rums, also known as amber rum, like our rich and smooth.

Is Navy rum dark rum?

Navy Rum. A dark coloured blend of rums from Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados, the heavy amounts of colouring can give these rums a bitter edge – they’re also very strong! Official Navy rum was always ‘over proof’, meaning its alcohol content was at least an eye watering 57.5% ABV.

Is Captain Morgan a light rum?

The Captain Morgan range is an inexpensive, mass-market Rum brand. It is a light Rum: either unaged or lightly aged. Expressions include Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold, White, and the Original Dark, along with a variety of flavored variants.

Is Captain Morgan bottom shelf?

Captain Morgan is one such example. Premium rum can be found on the top shelf of any liquor store. So if the proof is more than 45%, it is an overproof rum. Mixed drinks are commonly made out of this type of liquor, and Bacardi 151 is one example.

Is Malibu bottom shelf?

Malibu rum is the most popular Caribbean rum in the world. Influensters love the aromas of fruits and citrus found in this tequila. There are 7,492 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.4 stars. This top shelf liquor rated 6 stars on Influenster, which has placed it second in the category of liquors.

What can you substitute for rum in a recipe?

What are the best rum substitutes? To replace rum in cocktails or cooking, try brandy, bourbon, or cognac. Each has a similar flavor profile and won’t be out of place in most uses. For a non-alcoholic replacement, use rum extract or molasses combined with a little juice and almond extract.

How much alcohol do I add to cake mix?

A concentration of about 1% ABV (alcohol by volume) is ideal for flavor enhancement, but this concentration is not always practical when adding low alcohol-concentration beverages to a cake; it would simply require the addition of too much liquid and would result in imbalance of ingredients.

Can I use white rum for rum cake?

It is equally effective to use dark or white rum. If you don’t have any rum on hand or would prefer not to use it, you can substitute with coffee liquor, brandy, or cognac instead. Use the same amount or adjust to your personal preference; if the flavor isn’t strong enough, add more.

What kind of rum should I use for baking?

The best rum for baking is without a doubt dark rum. Dark rum is aged and has many aromas, flavors, and nuances to offer. In addition, you don’t want anything that’s too sweet. Look for warm flavors notes like vanilla, oak, and caramel, balanced by spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or cloves.

What rum should I use for rum cake?

The best kind of rum for rum cake is almost always dark rum. Dark rum has the perfect combination of richness, sweetness, and depth, the ideal pairing for putting together a rum cake.

What does rum do in baking?

Whether you add the smoky, intense flavor of a spiced rum to banana bread pudding or a rich porter to Irish-style fruit cake, alcohol can give flavor, moisture, and a tender crumb to your baked goods.

Is white rum same as dark rum?

So what’s the difference between white rum vs. dark rum? Dark rum is aged in charred oak barrels once it goes through the distilling process, while white rum is either un-aged or lightly aged in stainless steel barrels.

Can I substitute white rum for spiced rum?

Dark rums are usually aged for a longer period of time, giving them a much richer flavor and an aroma that is distinctly stronger than regular white or light rums. Luckily, spiced rums are fairly similar in this way and the two can be fairly easily interchanged.